Many of our rural churches of today started years ago in one room school houses.  Such was the beginning of Santee Community Church.  Some can remember when families would come in wagons and on horseback.  Reading, writing, arithmetic, pie suppers, and revivals made the school house and church a popular place in those early days.

Santee Community Church was founded in 1945.  The first school house was located north and in the hollow from the present building.  Later, Santee District built a larger school house and it was also used for the church.  This new building was located north and adjacent to the existing church building where Harold Campbell now lives.

Due to reorganization of the schools, the present church was built.  Thurman Deardeuff donated the lot and the first service was held in the existing church building on September 8, 1957.

From that day until now we have been blessed with Godly leaders.  There have been additions made to the building over the years to accommodate our growing church family.

May Santee continue to be a leader and to grow in the Lord Jesus Christ.