Prayer Requests

Our heartfelt sympathy and prayers go out to the Chase Blankenship family.

Prayer request are for Audrey and the Eckert family, Desri Robertson, Danny & Judy, Eddie Baker, Eddie York, Mona Jones, Terry Puckett, and our troops.

Long Term Prayer Request: Mona Jones, Brandy Yates, Hunter Barnett, Eddie Burns, Kathy Rujawitz, Angela Baker, Ronnie Rollins, Tony Hauck, Lemoine, Linda Hoffman, Rosalie Cross, Kay Withers, Joyce & Ed Pope, Ken Forrest, Karen Nave, Frankie & Jaxson Boyer, Bruce York, Austin Null, Shirley Sims, Judy Martin, Thelma Withers, Jimmy Allison, Sharon Smith, Mathol Hill, Donley Veasman, Belinda Bell, Jimmy Humphrey, Sherry Parker, Audrey Shepherd, Bob & Barb Juenger, Laine Martin, Maridel Warnol, and Fred & Sarah Hauck.