Prayer Requests

Prayer request were for Holly Glover (Roberts) & family, Angela Baker, Khale Hoard, Betty Juergens, Rodney and Kandy Yoakum, Kevin & Lydia Hall, Darlene Pemberton, Harley Johnson, Terry Martin, John Withers, Curtis Warner, Eddie York, Mona Jones, Nadine & Don Johnson, Ray Bishop, Holly VanRyn, Jimmy Allison, Ken Forrest, Joyce Pope, Rosalie Cross, Dave Hildebrand’s two grandsons with MD, Sharon Smith, Maridel Warnol, Ruby Barber, Austin Null, Thelma Withers, David Wiles, Shirley Sims, Dwight Sims, Donnie York, Rita Zaer, Penny Moats, Greg Olson, Audrey Shepherd, Will Lawson, Dee Goode, Bob & Barb Juenger, Ronnie Baker, Laine Martin, Sherry Parker, and Penny Baker. May the Lord’s love shine through you!